Our Autistic Life

{March 2, 2010}   Day 1

My only daughter Nella is 6 years old and a high functioning Autistic. We live on our own in a tiny Los Angeles apartment. Her favorite things include zombie movies (seriously), the cartoon ‘Chowder’ (which is AWE-some!), the video game on my cell phone (which we’re both convinced cheats), the television show ‘Supernatural’ and her Cozy. At one point she was actually quite certain that I should recruite Bill Maher to replace her deceased father, but I managed to convince her that Bill Mahr would eat children if they weren’t so high in fat & cholesteral.

I think her sights are now set on Keith Olbermann, though she might still be holding out for Big Daddy ~ the lead zombie from ‘Land of the Dead’.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, my daughter is the coolest little kid on the planet! She was diagnosed two years ago and over the last few months I’ve come to realize that she is so amazing just as she is. There are obvious things I would change ~ like the ease in which people can take advantage or her intense difficulty understanding the grey areas of emotions. It’s my hope that in time I’ll have success in teaching her all of this and long before adulthood.

This blog will feature our life and the things I’ve learned; both on my own and from others. I doubt I will ever claim to be an expert on Autism or even on parenting, but what works for us just might work for you.

Please come back and join the chat. I’ll update often. 🙂


Mitch says:

A very nice beginning to your blog. I hope you get lots of visitors here. Of course, I do agree that this is kind of thin. lol

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