Our Autistic Life

{March 3, 2010}   Meet Jack Bauer

And, that’s exactly what she did………….

After getting up an hour earlier than usual, we showered, dressed and headed out the door at roughly 6:40am. We walked briskly down the street toward the shoot for the TV show ’24’. Only the day before I spotted the white & blue filming notice taped to the door of the KFC.

People actually laughed when I took it down and announced to Donnella that she might get to meet Kiefer Sutherland in the morning!


I brought her copy of ‘Mirrors’ in the hopes of keeping her “rooted” and hopefully avoiding her becoming overwhelmed. If you are the parent of an Autistic child you know full well how becoming overwhelmed can spoil a perfectly wonderful moment.

Overwhelmed equals meltdown or shutdown and shutdown is her usual.

But, not only did she speak (a little bit) the girl actually – yes – she swooned!

Now, since I was a teenager running obsessively to the theater to watch and then re-watch ‘The Lost Boys’ – Well, I don’t think I ever really fell out of love with Kiefer Sutherland. But, you know, I’m finding it hard to find the words. Despite his busy schedule he hunted down a sharpie to autograph her DVD and then took that photo with her.

That may not sound like over the top awesomeness to the uninitiated, but for my girl’s extremely fragile self-esteem it is.

When he walked up to her and said “Hi, I’m Kiefer” I doubt that meant much of anything to her. When she looked up at him she saw protector-of-the-innocent Jack Bauer; The guy who saved the children, damn it! . She saw Ben, the Dad from Mirrors who sacrificed himself to save his family. She saw a Hero.

And, now when those little assholes at her school tease and make fun of her for the way she talks or the way she thinks – for now – she’ll be able to shrug it off. Hey, she met a Hero who smiled at her and said nice things to her and made her feel special.

So, if you happen to see Kiefer/Jack/Ben anytime in the near future ~ buy him a cup of coffee or a donut or, you know, a lap dance. Tell him that little disabled girl he met is feeling a little more able and a lot more confident thanks to something I’m sure he thinks is no big deal.

Trust me. It was a big deal.


Sire says:

Man, that must have been a great experience for her, but what about her mom, did you swoon a little? 😉

twilighthotel says:

I will disappoint you, Sire, but I didn’t! I was so caught up in her and how she was swooning that it really didn’t cross my mind. But, he was gracious as hell! I can dream about him later! LOL

BTW, my new cord should be shipped out by early next week wich means I’ll be around your blog more often soon!

Mitch says:

I’m glad she got to have that experience. And I like this wider theme!

twilighthotel says:

I passed this one up before, but am really glad I changed it. It IS much better huh? And, yes, she is STILL glowing! LOL

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